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Beautyterm is More Than Skin Deep

Beautyterm is More Than Skin Deep Portfolio Image by Studio 23 | Lee Willett, Creative Director | Web Design and Development | Westchester, New York

1200x700_beautytermLogoWhen startup company Beautyterm needed a brand that portrayed their core business—translation services for the beauty industry—they turned to Studio 23. We created an identity for the company that incorporated a traditional editor’s mark in a simple, elegant form. Next, we developed a brand strategy and applied it to their website, using images appropriate for the beauty industry.

While the site was successful at building a buzz in New York and in America, getting good page rank in Paris proved difficult. To help build their business, we created a second site in French using the .fr domain that was able to do the trick. In addition, we applied the identity to their Paris-based company, Beautélogie, and developed marketing collateral to help them get their message out.

Today the company is one of the more successful firms in the industry and we think that’s just beautiful.

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