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Branding and Identity Development

Identity Development and Branding by Studio 23, Westchester, New York. Lee Willett, Creative Director
It all starts with the right logo

Brand Identity design is the graphical representation—the visual image—of a product or company’s brand positioning. At Studio23, once we determine the brand strategy, we dive into designing the brand identity—starting with the creation of the logo, the cornerstone of the brand identity.

The logo tells your story

Your logo works closely with your brand name to tell a story about your company. The primary elements include the unique logotype (the brand name) and possibly the use of a logo icon (a graphic) combined into one intriguing and cohesive mark. Studio23 develops logos with deeper meaning and greater thoughtfulness than what initially meets the eye. We also consider the use of a logo. Reproducing a logo as a 16 x 16 pixel favicon (the icon in the address bar of most browsers) is quite different than reproducing it for a wall-mounted billboard, yet both need to be considered. Similarly, a logo that might need to be silkscreened onto a small pen will have different constraints from one that is backlit on a bus kiosk. We consider all these and more before we finalize any mark we make.

Corporate identity systems

Once a brand logo is finalized, we extend it onto all key brand assets including:

  • Letterhead
  • Second sheets
  • Business cards
  • Note cards
  • PowerPoint templates
  • HTML email templates
  • Email signoffs
  • Proposal templates
  • Splash screens
  • Building signage
  • Brand swag
    The list goes on . . .
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