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Annual Reports and Corporate Collateral

New York Law School Print Collateral by Studio 23 Westchester, New York. Lee Willett, Creative DirectorAnnual Reports, Quarterly Statements and Corporate Collateral

For over two decades the principals at Studio 23 have helped companies large and small develop and disseminate printed corporate collateral including what has long been considered the flagship document for every public company—the annual report. Traditionally, this publication served as the disclosure function for current shareholders but forward-thinking companies also utilize it as a marketing tool to attract potential shareholders, strategic partners and talent, clients, as well as to influence opinion leaders. Therefore, we view the annual report as a strategic, forward-looking document that clearly differentiates a company from its peers.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact Statements

In recent years, he emergence of corporate social and environmental responsibility reflects a world that increasingly expects, values and often demands accountability of our businesses. To many, how a company conducts its business is as important as the business itself. Social and environmental responsibility reports provide a proactive vehicle for telling your story from your perspective. From a design perspective, there is no cookie-cutter approach to social and environmental responsibility reporting. Content can range considerably from highly specific and audited metrics to human-interest stories that feature community involvement to corporate governance measures that ensure transparency and accountability. We work with our clients to help identify desired audiences and gather relevant content to portray your company’s business.

Capabilities Brochures, Handbooks, and Press Kits

For the small to medium-sized business, we can create highly insightful brochures to explain your product or service, educate a target audience, or inform potential customers. While we will work within your budget, our solutions for marketing communications are uncommon and get noticed and remembered. Whether the goal is to drive customers to a store, inform an audience to take action, or send a target market to a website, we can develop solutions as unique as the challenges we face.

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