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Online Marketing

Captain Lawrence Mobile WebsiteStudio 23 is a web marketing agency composed of a group of diverse, media and web savvy entrepreneurs that know how to put strategies in place for building brands and companies. By combining high level digital strategy services locally with excellent implementation and support, Studio 23 leverages cost-effective services to lower acquisition costs for client campaigns. And the money our clients save increases their ROI.

Our agency merges an analytical and technical approach to marketing, with ROI metrics and award-winning creative. Our online marketing strategy is to promote and improve companies’ brands, products or services. Our agency specialists include award-winning Creative Directors and savvy, social media mavens.

Online Advertising

We manage online advertising campaigns through CPC, CPM and CPA banner campaigns and contextual advertising sites. We develop informative microsites and landing pages for data collection and analytics.

Email Marketing

We specialize in html email design, list acquisition, online promotions, tracking and reporting services. Because of its low cost, for small and medium-sized businesses, email deployment coupled with landing pages can be a cost-effective focus of an online marketing strategy.

Affiliate Marketing

Studio 23 can help identify and foster affiliate partnership opportunities, from national retailer websites to local media sites.

Web Analytics

Studio 23 uses analytic tools to monitor performance of any online marketing strategy and can adjust the focus as necessary. And because we are a multidisciplinary communications agency, we can use web analytics to monitor the performance of offline media purchases as well.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a critical yet cost-effective method for reaching prospects and customers. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, we leverage popular social networks to help our clients reach their target audience and connect with them on a personal level.

So, now what do I do?

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