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Studio 23 is an award-winning multidisciplinary communications agency located in Westchester county near New York City. We help our clients differentiate themselves from their competitors by providing clear, creative and effective communications—online or off. We build websites and develop creative strategies across media that connect our clients’ messages with their audiences. In doing so, our work educates and inspires, promises and delivers.

Studio 23 is your strategic partner for small- and mid-sized businesses interested in revenue growth, generating leads, and attracting new customers. Our clients are diverse, and come from education, cultural organizations, healthcare, municipalities, business, finance, fashion, and entertainment industries. And while we call Westchester our home, our reach includes New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey and beyond. We are dedicated to working with our clients creating inspired work in an efficient way. See our work and judge for yourself. Get to know us. You’ll like what you see.

Like what you see?
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Who is Studio 23 | Website Design Westchester, New York | Lee Willett

Who We Are

Looking to build your business? We know the secret—integrated marketing communications. Not just a jack of all trades but a new breed of integrated service—specialized professionals from all disciplines and media working together to create unparalleled communication solutions for our clients.
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Studio 23 Website Design, Graphic Design, Westchester, New York | The creative work of Lee Willett

Our Work Works

For over twenty years, we’ve been driven by a passion to create the best website designs, marketing campaigns, print collateral and identities for our clients large and small. But what constitutes best? Isn’t that subjective? Well, no. Design is at its best when it surpasses the client’s expectations and goes beyond the original scope of the project.
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Synchronicity of 23 | Studio 23 Website Design Westchester, New York | The Work of Lee Willett

The Synchronicity of 23

Why are we Studio “23” and not some other number? In a word: Synchronicity. Synchronicities are the so-called coincidences that occur. When one starts to tune in to the significance of the number 23 then these start to be become very obvious indeed. Some of these are shown below.
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