Listening to Your Brand

Branding Concept for the Westchester Philharmonic

While not a formal proposal for the Westchester Philharmonic, Studio 23 created a proof-of-concept for what a [...]

Watch Out!

Studio 23 has taken a turn inward and created a set of watch faces for ourselves to test our design skills at a minimalist format. We chose the Amazfit Bip as a platform which is an inexpensive [...]

An Official Update to a Premier Brand

Longtime client Official Sports wanted to update its signature U.S. Soccer referee uniform to a modern, clean look using premiere materials and addressing some of the limitations of their [...]

Linking Cultures Through Visual Iconography

The Importance of Visual Storytelling

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately extolling the virtues of storytelling in marketing. Generally, these articles tend to revolve around a brand using stories as a motivational tool [...]

Judging a Book by its Cover: The 2019 U.S. Budget

The fiscal year 2019 budget proposal was recently released by the Trump administration and the cover reveals much about the contents and its focus. The overall design of the cover could be [...]

Contextual Typography and the (Sorta) Fake History of Real News

The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and Chicago Tribune, aside from being trusted news sources, share a common design element—the mastheads use a similar type style. Why? A [...]

SOTU and the Paradox of Craft in the Digital Age

This week, the president of the United States invited visitors to his State of the Uniom address. That’s not my typo, that’s his. How can this happen?Carelessness? Laziness? Inexperience? [...]

Chief Wahoo, the Cleveland Indians, and the Religious Nature of Brands

The Cleveland Indians announced that they were retiring their mascot, Chief Wahoo, after the 2018 season. The mascot had come under increasing criticism for being a racist depiction of native [...]

Designing for Other People’s Customers

Most companies create their website with user experience in mind—they make it easy for visitors to do what they want—but they miss the opportunity to create a site to guide the visitor into doing [...]