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Studio 23 Brands New Delivery Service in New York

Peacock Gourmet is a startup gourmet delivery service in New York City. Their subscription-based business model targets high net-worth individuals who don’t have time to cook but who want healthy home-cooked meals. Studio 23 understood that at its core, Peacock Gourmet’s brand required bringing an experience to life. Every element of the brand experience was considered from the use of fresh ingredients to how the end product was delivered. So as not to distract from their delicious products, Studio 23 created a simple black-and-white identity using an elegant script font arranged in a fan—a nod to the tail feathers of a peacock. We also recommended using recycled materials and minimizing plastics as a way to cut down on waste and convey that the company is a more healthy and sustainable alternative to fast food. Since the company is bootstrapping its startup, we worked to minimize their out-of-pocket expenses wherever possible. The cornerstone of the identity was a simple round sticker that could be used on bags, as box closures, or on beverage cups.

In the end, Peacock Gourmet received a look that was tasteful. When they’re ready to take the next step and fan out, Studio 23 will the there to help them.

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