Lewisboro Democratic Committee

When Lewisboro Democratic Committee needed a partner to update and manage their communications, website, print ads, online ads, emails, and yard signs, they turned to Studio 23 to provide turn-key operations that could be responsive and manage quick turnaround. After developing a candidate-promoting website, we updated their branding, creating a cohesive look throughout their materials. Yard signs, print ads, mailers, emails, and online ads were developed to promote the candidates, register voters for online events, foster donations, and get out the vote.

Beyond promoting local candidates, the site also provided visitors with information on how to register, how to vote early, and where to vote, thus providing a comprehensive service to the community. We’re proud to help the local community and aid the democratic process.

Does the Lewisboro Democratic Committee have confidence in Studio 23? Let’s just say we have their vote.

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