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When it comes to print media, advertisers want to make a connection with consumers—using humor, price point comparisons, convenience, etc.—to convince them to make a purchase. However, for the advertiser, the concepts that drive media decisions can seem somewhat cryptic—CPM, R&F (reach and frequency) and ROI.

At Studio 23, we take all these factors (and many more) into account to create strategic print media campaigns that incorporate compelling creative and get your message into the hands of readers. We partner with you to insure that your message is focused and on target whatever print media channel is used.

While advertising in new media—search engine marketing, banner ads, web video, and e-mail marketing—gets most of the headlines, print advertising continues to be a cost-effective way to help consumers gain awareness of a new product or service. And despite declines in the market, print advertising is still a powerful channel to consider. With newspaper and magazine circulations numbering in the billions, and the high level of specialization afforded by print (especially magazines), print advertising is a solid way to reach a highly targeted customer niche. In fact, because of print media markets have become highly specialized, it’s possible to reach niche markets—whether by geographic location, ethnicity, age, income or other demographic.

Print advertising is also effective because of its active response. Unlike television, which fosters passive behavior, print media advertising centers around focused reading and screening of the material. It’s an active choice by the reader, requires a higher level of attention and, therefore, results in a higher level of recall and has a greater impact on purchase-making decisions. Even a brief glance at a print ad can reinforce product messages gained from previous exposures.

Strategic print media—advertising, direct mail, media wraps and the like—can push clients online to learn more. That’s where our expertise at multichannel marketing comes in. We can provide a seamless transition from print to web either by using a custom URL, QR code, or other technique. This optimzies both the user experience and analytics of the printed piece and can lead to higher conversion rates into customers.

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