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E-commerce and Online Stores

Studio 23 designs ecommerce solutions and online stores that are customized to maximize functionality and user experience. Our online store creations are designed based on an in-depth understanding of the business practices that drive our client’s organization. Through this understanding, we are able to create an online store that provides the features and options that will complement a company’s mission and add to the bottom line. In turn, customers will enjoy an outstanding user experience and are more likely to be repeat customers.

For the small and medium-sized business, there are different approaches to ecommerce and online stores. For smaller stores, we can customize off-the-shelf shopping cart solutions, tweaking layouts to maximize user experience. For larger customers, we can create full enterprise ecommerce solutions complete with mobile storefronts to allow access by phones and tablets. Our online stores can be stand-alone shops or can seamlessly integrate with other business operations—accounting, order fulfillment, inventory, and tracking and shipping services. Online store creations by Studio 23 are interactive and efficient and help improve the productivity of our clients’ businesses. Custom online stores designed by Studio 23 are dynamic, reliable, secure and user-friendly, promoting customer retention and conversion. Our online stores can involve customer relationship management tools that allow business owners to reach out and interact with their customers, thus fostering stronger relationships with consumers. We also provide the best technology to receive and process orders, enabling clients from all over the world to conveniently make purchases with secured payment options.

Ecommerce solutions and online store designs by Studio 23 ensure that your business needs will continue to be supported into the future. Providing forward thinking and a scaleable architecture, we create and develop your ecommerce site to accommodate additional requirements, features and functionality needs that may arise. On the back end, we monitor analytics and generate reports to help our clients monitor performance and optimize thier businesses—we deliver valuable tools to maximize your ROI.

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